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Video: Aqueon QuietFlow Aquarium Power Filters - Maintenance

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Aqueon QuietFlow Aquarium Power Filters - Maintenance

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Aqueon QuietFlow Aquarium Power Filters


Aqueon QuietFlow Aquarium Power Filters

[MUSIC PLAYING] The following video will demonstrate how to clean your Aqueon QuietFlow Filter Pump. You will learn how to detach the filter pump, disassemble it, and clean the inside of it. Make sure your hands are completely dry and then unplug the filter from the outlet. To remove the filter pump, first remove the power cord from the cord guide on the left side of the filter. Next, squeeze the release tab that is on the right side of filter pump to release it from the housing. Then pivot the filter pump out of the housing by pulling down on the right side of the filter pump. Once removed, place the filter pump on a towel to contain any water still inside. To begin cleaning the filter pump, remove the intake filter tube and the filter tube plate from the pump. Then separate the intake filter from the filter tube plate. Inspect the intake filter tube for any debris, and if present, wipe with a clean brush that has never been used with any chemicals or cleaning product. Set the intake filter tube aside on a towel. Then inspect the filter tube plate for any debris. Clean off all visible debris with a soft cloth. Also set aside on a towel. To clean the impeller and inside the filter pump, first grasp the impeller by one of the blades and pull it out. You may need to use tweezers or small pliers to grasp the impeller. Your Aqueon QuietFlow filter models 50 and 55/75 will also have a small black bushing that may cling to the tip of the impeller shaft, or it may stay nestled in the filter tube plate. In the event that the bushing clings to the tip of the impeller shaft, remove the bushing and set aside. If the bushing stays nestled in the plate, set aside. Aqueon QuietFlow filter models 10, 20, or 30 will not have these bushings present. Simply remove the impeller from the well. Inspect the impeller magnet for any cracks or broken blades. Clean off the impeller with a soft, clean cloth. If there are mineral deposits on the impeller, it will be necessary to soak it in white vinegar until the deposits have dissolved. Wipe any remaining deposits or residue with a soft, clean cloth. Also inspect the metal shaft ends for any hair or lint, and remove it if present. Using a paper towel, a clean rag, or a clean brush that has never been used with any chemicals or cleaning products, wipe out the inside of the impeller well. Using a small flashlight, inspect the inside of the pump for any mineral deposits. If visible, fill the hole with white vinegar, and allow the mineral deposits to dissolve away. Rinse out the pump under the faucet. Begin putting the filter pump back together. If your Aqueon QuietFlow filter is model 50 or 55/75, ensure that the bushing is present and on the end of the impeller shaft when reassembling. Replace the impeller. Connect the filter tube intake to the filter tube plate and snap back onto the pump. Before reattaching the pump, make sure the O-ring is around the top rim of the pump. To reattach the pump, start by inserting the left side of the pump up into the opening on the filter body. Then push the right side up until it snaps into place. Secure the power cord on the left side of the pump by seeding it into the cord guide provided on the side of the filter housing. This prevents damage to the cord where it enters the top of the pump. Once the filter is reassembled and back in place, make sure that the aquarium water has been topped off. The water level in the aquarium must be above the word Aqueon on the front of the pump in order for the impeller to function properly. If the water level is below the level of the impeller, the pump will not prime, which will prevent the filter from functioning and may damage the filter pump. When the aquarium is full, plug the filter back in. This concludes the maintenance for the Aqueon filter pump, and you may resume enjoying your aquarium.