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Video: How Pet Tunes Works

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How Pet Tunes Works

Length: 1:23 Added: Oct-10 Views: 58657

How Pet Tunes Works


Pet Tunes Canine Music for behavioral balance, pre-loaded Bluetooth speaker with special frequency modified music

  • Plays up to 8 hours
  • Clinically proven to calm dogs
  • Solves separation anxiety
  • Bluetooth compatible
  • Auto repeat Mode

[MUSIC PLAYING] [DOG BARKING] [DOG BARKING] I love the packaging. I mean, look at this. You can really use this anywhere. You can leave this at work. You can leave this in your kitchen. It's not obtrusive. It's not silly. There's nothing busy about it. And you just turn it on. I mean, you literally push the button and it's preprogrammed. You really can't get any easier. And I feel like it's the right thing to do. If you're going to have dogs, and you're going to leave them for a period of time, you really should be leaving them with something to entertain them. I just wanted to comment on the Pet Acoustics speaker system. It's been amazing for our pets in the hospital. It really has. They've been clam. Then I think they heal better and get better quicker, because it's less stressful. [MUSIC PLAYING]