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Video: Snoozy Ortho Air Bed

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Snoozy Ortho Air Bed

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Precision Pet SnooZZy Ortho Air features the most therapeutic bed design and made from the most durable construction and materials.


Precision Pet SnooZZy Ortho Air features the most therapeutic bed design and made from the most durable construction and materials.

Precision Pet Products is proud to introduce the new Snoozzy Ortho Air Therapeutic Inflatable Pet Bed. The patented Snoozzy Ortho Air is the industry's most comfortable and therapeutic dog bed design available. Ortho Air beds are perfect for dogs of all ages to relieve and help prevent muscle and joint discomfort, and is especially therapeutic for older arthritic dogs, incontinent dogs, and post-operation dogs. The Ortho Air inflatable beds are also used and endorsed by prominent veterinarian doctors for home use and in their clinics and hospitals. The Snoozzy Ortho Air is available in a 42-inch round model and six additional sizes that fit most standard crates and plastic kennels. Ortho Air inflatable beds remain comfortable for life and do not break down or compress, unlike traditional foam or fiber fill beds. The patented air-filled chambers provide continued support and comfort with an internal I-beam construction that allows good, even support throughout the bed, and can easily support up to 300 pounds. Ortho Air beds are made out of an extremely durable, extra thick 32 gauge PVC material, the same material used to manufacture marine inflatable boats. The heavy duty PVC marine grade material also contains a softening agent that creates a supple, pliable material that is comfortable for your dog, yet it is super tough and super strong. The Ortho Air bed will take any amount of scratching from your dog. Your dog's nails will not penetrate this material, so your dog bed will last for years. All Snoozzy Ortho Air beds include a plush slipcover that's easily removed and replaced for washing. The PVC material is easily cleaned or sanitized and does not absorb oils and odors like traditional foam or fiberfill beds. The Ortho Air bed also deters breeding bugs, bacteria, and other organisms. The 42-inch round model includes non-skid rubber pads to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces and to provide added protection to the bed when using on outdoor surfaces. All Snoozzy Ortho Air beds are easily and quickly inflated and deflated. The 42-inch round model is equipped with a specially designed screw type two-way valve and includes an electric pump that inflates the bed in less than 30 seconds. All of the crate model sizes include an easy inflate mouthpiece to quickly inflate the bed anywhere. All of the Ortho Air inflatable beds are lightweight and portable for travel and perfect for indoor/outdoor dogs. You'll love Snoozzy Ortho Air, and your dog will too.