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Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems keep things flexible by offering three completely different setups.

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ProFlex Modular Sump by Aqueon. ProFlex Sumps adapts simply to the aquatic hobby. The Modular design allows you to accomplish advanced filtration by moving baffle walls increasing water height or adding additional accessories. This wet dry method is used for fresh water or salt water aquariums with heavy fish loads where additional biological filtration is required. The ProFlex Sump includes an inlet elbow, inlet gasket, inlet adapter, an inlet pipe, adjustable wall, retaining wall screws, water retaining wall, a sump block, two filter bags, and a filter lid. Let's start assembling the sump. Slide inlet adapter on top of drain pipe. Slide inlet adapter up through drain holes in the lid of the filter and through the inlet gasket. The gasket should be on the top side of the filter lid. Screw the inlet elbow onto the inlet adapter. Insert filter bags into the bag holder in Chamber 1. Remove retaining wall screws located at the bottom of the second chamber. Then remove the water retaining wall. For this setup we'll need to add a biological filter kit sold separately. Place bottom tray of appropriately sized biological filter kit on first row tabs of the second chamber. Slide the adjustable wall to top and hold in place with one hand. Fill space above bottom tray in Chamber two with biological media. Then position the drip tray on top of the second row tabs. Slide adjustable wall down so that spout rest on drip tray. Place the filter lid on the sump. Add a skimmer in the third chamber of the sump. Place the sump into your stand and attach the overflow and return pump connection to your aquarium. Your wet dry sump setup is now complete.
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