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K9 Advantix II Dog Flea & Tick Drops is a topical prevention and tick, flea, and mosquito treatment for monthly use on dogs and puppies 7 weeks of age and older.

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K9 Advantix II repels and kills ticks. Why is tick repellency so important? Because ticks may carry disease causing organisms that they can transmit to a dog if they're allowed to attach and feed. Frontline Plus kills but doesn't repel. Ticks that are not repelled or killed are still able to attach and feed and may transmit harmful organisms. Let's see how repellency works. When a tick comes in contact with a dog that's been treated with permethrin, one of the active ingredients in K9 Advantix II, most ticks react by trying to get away. The tick acts like it's on a hot oven plate and after coming in contact with a treated dog most ticks will be repelled and die. K9 Advantix II starts killing ticks within ten minutes. In addition to repelling and killing ticks, K9 Advantix II also repels and kills fleas and mosquitoes, kills all flea life stages, repels biting flies and kills lice. Plus, K9 Advantix II lasts for one month, is waterproof, is easy to apply and can be used on puppies aged 7 weeks and older. K9 Advantix II is for use on dogs only. Start protecting your dog from ticks by treating monthly, year round with veterinary recommended K9 Advantix II. And for your dog's best health, be sure to visit your veterinarian regularly.
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