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Video: PlexiDor Pet Door in Silver

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PlexiDor Pet Door in Silver

Length: 2:30 Added: Nov-14 Views: 600

PlexiDor Pet Door in Silver: watch this video featuring products available on

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PlexiDor Pet Door in Silver: watch this video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Suzanne, and this is part of our video series on my new PlexiDor dog door. Today, we're going to talk about security features. My husband and I have three kids and a great dog, a boxer named Cinnamon. We've had the PlexiDor dog door for a few months now, and we just love it. Compared to our old dog door that had cheap, plastic flaps, this one is a whole lot cleaner, quieter, better looking, and energy efficient. And the acrylic saloon-style panels are virtually indestructible, so I will never have to replace them. Plus, it's a breeze for the dog to use. Cinnamon probably races in and out of the door 100 times a day on her way out to bark at pretty much anything and anyone that passes by. We're about to leave on vacation, and we are taking our dog, Cinnamon, with us. We've got the large-size dog door, and it would be pretty tough for a burglar to squeeze through, but we're not taking any chances. So to prevent any intruders or unwelcome critters from entering, we're going to add the steel security plate that comes with the unit. My 10-year-old daughter Rosemary is going to help me. She just fits it right on top of the interior frame and uses a Phillips head screwdriver to secure it in place. She's got it mounted in two minutes flat. I'm done. We close the lock, take the key with us, and we're ready to leave, confident that our home is secure. Get in the car. Cinnamon, in the car. And we're off. We're back from our trip, and found out that our daughter is going to be playing on a traveling soccer team, which means a lot of weekends away. So I'm going online to order the PlexiDor sliding track with flip lock. That will make it even easier to secure our PlexiDor dog door. Mounting hardware and instructions are included. PlexiDor says it installs in minutes, so let's check it out. I read the instructions and found out that it's super easy to install. You just place the left and right tracks right on top of the existing frame and screw them right on. Simple as that. Then you slide the panel in and flip the lock into place, like this. The sliding track with flip lock makes it incredibly easy to secure our home, and it gives me peace of mind when we're going to be away. If you want to learn more about this dog door and the added security features only a PlexiDor dog door can provide, go to That's P-L-E-X-I-D-O-R-S dot com. Thank you for watching.