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Video: Unleashed by Petco presents West Paw

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Unleashed by Petco presents West Paw

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Video featuring products available on

[FLOWING WATER] [RELAXING MUSIC] Growing up on a ranch in Montana, I learned early on that you get back from the earth what you put into it. And you-- if you treat it well you'll get great yield. [RELAXING MUSIC] I always wanted to live in a mountain town like Bozeman. It's an amazing place to raise a family. And I think what Bozeman brings is the sense of community, and a work ethic, and a pride in what we do here that isn't found everywhere in our country. And I'm so grateful to work at a place where people really care. They care about how we make a product. They care about the materials that go on the product. They care about the sustainability of the manufacturing facility. They care that it's right in their hometown. And that is a great place to have a company. I think I remember clearly when I first walked into the doors. You could hear the sewing machines, and they weren't like your little Singer sewing machines. They're the industrial sewing machines. They've got this like rattle and hum. And 18 years later, if you walk out of my office and onto the production floor, you're going to hear that same rattle and hum. And what's amazing is that some of those people are still running them today. [UPBEAT MUSIC] You know, you look at the hand craftsmanship of these stuffed toys, and you're spooning a little catnip into them, or putting the squeaker inside, and hand-sewing it closed. That is still happening, just as it was back in the day. And I think that's what sets our company apart. We have this great legacy, but we've developed this incredible business know-how to continue to compete globally with a very high labor product that's made in the United States. [UPBEAT MUSIC] I think all great things come from a great culture. I've seen in those Unleashed stores, that community corner. And I see them providing a space for people who love their pets to congregate, and to learn, and to share, and to laugh. That's a great environment. That they've created. [UPBEAT MUSIC] Each employee at West Paw Design gets paid time to volunteer. And when our employees can really rally around a cause, it just unleashes their passions and their potential even more. It's not just one person who works here. It's a team of 70 hardworking people that really care. [UPBEAT MUSIC]