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Video: Spring Apparel Photo Shoot

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Spring Apparel Photo Shoot

Length: 3:36 Added: Feb-18 Views: 14667

See the latest fashions for spring and shop at


See the latest fashions for spring and shop at

Today we're shooting spring apparel for Petco. This is our fashion live model shoot. Basically I see a dog, and then I stop it and I ask it's owner if they would volunteer to bring them down, because we do not use professional dogs, these are all volunteer. We fit them with apparel, we put them up on a podium, we try really hard to get the hind and the back shot, which is super difficult, but I've gotta say, we actually pull it off. It's always a tricky challenge to see which combination is going to be the winning combination for this dog. Shooting babies is almost the same as shooting dogs, we use noisemakers, anything to catch their attention and get them directed towards the lens. And then I have my own monkey sound and things that will just draw the dog's attention. Well Ginger works really well with her mom, so we have mom on a ladder literally just above and behind the camera and she can pretty much generate the required response from Ginger. We had a new dog named Jackson, he is a puggle, who did phenomenal, he's a boy dog but we put dresses on him and he didn't seem to mind at all and his parents didn't mind. Oh Bico, Bico is a Shiba Inu, he's got that gorgeous red coat that shows up phenomenal on those pictures, he looks gorgeous in any color we put on him. He's got a beautiful face with the squinty eyes and the straight pointy ears, he just does a fantastic job. And then there's Dottie, the Boxer, she's just so sweet and so calm and she just lets us put anything on her. Dryfuss is so great because he's got that big smile, he's always got his mouth open, which is really something we like in the dogs because the picture comes across more human looking as the dog is smiling. And he does have that boisterous sort of just happy jubilence about him, and he's just easy to capture. Auto has the biggest, he's part Bichon, so he's got those big black eyes that really register incredible personality in the pictures. And Auto's mom actually taught him to sit with his back to the camera and when she says look and calls his name he turns really quick. Sometimes Auto, you just get the right sound and the turn and the look and snap into the lens. We get to play, that's the main thing. We really get to play with the animals. What more, what more could you ask for?