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Video: Meet Nerd Dog

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Meet Nerd Dog

Length: 1:24 Added: Feb-23 Views: 9820

Meet Nerd Dog Playology


Meet Nerd Dog Playology

[DOG BARKS] The dog says-- [BELL RINGING] --at Playology-- [DOG BARKS] --we didn't start with what humans want in a dog toy-- [SQUEAK] He doesn't like the squirrel. [DOG BARKS] --but what us dogs want. [DOG BARKS] A dog's sense of smell is 10,000 times more powerful than a human's. [DOG BARKS] We once said we'll have nothing more. That's why we say hello to each other by sniffing each other's butts. Something I wouldn't recommend you do, by the way. Hi. See this is what I care about, the smell. Playology toys are made with Encapsiscent Technology-- [DOG BARKS] --my crowning achievement. [DOG BARKS] I've literally embedded each toy's material with millions of micro-beads of irresistible scent that is released when your dog chews the toy. The more they chew the toy, the more they are like-- [DOG BARKS] --oh [DOG BARKS] --my [DOG BARKS] --dog! [DOG BARKS] We love Playology toys like the fat man loves the spare rib. [ROMANTIC MUSIC PLAYING] [DOG BARKS] Look, the bitches love them. [DOG BARKS] I can say that. You can't. [DOG BARKS] Take it from me, there's something smarter and better in the toy aisle. [DOG BARKS] Good human.