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LitterMaid Elite Basic Automatic Self-Cleaning Litter Box - Your cat will never have to pussyfoot through soiled cat litter again. This revolutionary appliance makes cat litter box clean-up fast and e

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your new 'Littermaid' self-cleaning litter box is easy to set up. There there are no tools required and it takes only a few minutes to have your litter box up and running. Just follow these simple assembly instructions. Carefully remove and discard all the protective packing elements and tape from the unit, and all components. Place the unit on the floor and take an inventory of all the contents. This includes the litter box top and bottom, one waste receptacle compartment linked with side flaps and two waste receptacle compartment supports, marked 'L' for left and 'R' for right on their insides. You should also find disposable waste receptacle containers and lids, odour absorbing carbon filters, four tent hole plugs, one automatic rake, one hand-held scoop, one electrical AC adapter and one small cleaning brush. Some models also come with an ionic air cleaner, sleep timer, a paw cleaning ramp and a tent. Your 'Littermaid' self-cleaning litter box is packed with important documents, including the 'Littermaid' self-cleaning litter box use and care booklet, a product registration form, a quick start guide and additional installation information, including the importance of using only premium clumping cat litter. Cut and remove the tie restraints located on the underside of the unit. You'll see two white cable ties on the underside of the motor. Carefully loosen the ties, cut them free and discard them. Take the two waste receptacle compartment supports, marked 'left' and 'right', and slide them under the unit at the receptacle end. Open the waste receptacle compartment lid flaps to snap them into place. Then place each pivot end of the lid, one at a time, into the notches on the litter box unit. One important point, the waste receptacle compartment lid must be open to install the top of the litter box unit. Place the unit top facing right side up over the bottom tray. Lock the top into position by making sure the five tabs of the bottom tray are above the rim of the unit top. Secure it into the bottom by snapping the entire top into place. Insert the four tent hole plugs into the four depressions at each corner of the top. Next, place one disposable waste receptacle container into the space. Press down firmly. The rim of the container should sit under the unit's five tabs. Insert one disposable waste receptacle lid into the waste receptacle compartment. Be sure the two circular push tabs are protruding through the lid's round holes. Also be sure the lid edges are anchored under the four lid holding tabs. Peel off the paper strip that covers the adhesive tape of an odour absorbing carbon filter, and place the filter, sticky side facing the disposable waste receptacle lid, into the diamond shaped depression in the centre of the lid. Close the lid. If your model comes with a paw cleaning ramp, you'll need to attach it to the unit. Position the ramp, carpet side up, next to the unit with it's pivot pins facing the unit. These pins slot into the same notches that hold the waste receptacle compartment lid. Your last assembly step is to install the automatic rake. Align the tracks on the back of the rake, located at each end, and slide the rake into the grooves of the motor housing. Now you're ready to place the litter box where your cat will be using it. This should be close to an electrical outlet too. If your unit has a paw cleaning ramp be sure it's resting at a 45 degree angle to the floor. Plug the adapter into the litter box at the AC adaptor hole. You're ready to pour the cat litter into the unit. It is critically important that you use only premium clumping cat litter for the unit to work properly. Use the manual scoop to level out litter, to determine if you used the correct amount. The litter level should be between the the red 'add litter' and 'full litter' lines indicated on the inside wall of the unit. This last step is easy. Look for the 'on/off' button next to the adapter and slide it into the 'on' position. When you do this for the first time, the rake will automatically begin it's raking cycle through the litter and return back to the home position. Your 'Littermaid' self-cleaning litter box is now ready for your cat to use.
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