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Our best friends would follow us anywhere but sometimes they just have to stay out of the way. The one touch pet gate is a one handed sleek design engineered to open, close and lock quickly and easily, leaving your pets access when you need to, just push the handle down. The one touch pet gate is pressure mounted so it won't damage your woodwork. To adjust the fit, just turn the knobs until the frame and door line-up. This is versatility, beauty and strength all in one. Big dog fans rejoice. Finally here's the quality gate that looks great and will keep your large dog in sack. Upper and lower locks add stability and security. Open it to 90 degrees and it stays until you close it. Vertical division rods discourage climbing or scratching. Optional add-on panels fit larger doorway openings. This smartly designed tall one touch pet gate will keep your dog right where you want her. Ask her little space when you open the gate door. "Will you back up girl?, Good job. Here we go. Good girl". For your unique common lifestyle look to the one touch pet gate from Richell USA.
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