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Video: HomeoPet Wrm Clear

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HomeoPet Wrm Clear

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Safe, gentle effective homeopathic remedy formulated for removal of Hook, Round and Tapeworms.


Safe, gentle effective homeopathic remedy formulated for removal of Hook, Round and Tapeworms.

Feline WRM Clear from HomeoPet is part of their feline range of products. And as such, it's used to treat the worms that occur in cats in general, and these are tapeworm, roundworm, hookworm. It also, apart from the worms, treats problems like giardia. And it has a lot of advantages in terms of its use in cats because it's a liquid solution. So unlike conventional wormers, it doesn't cause any obstruction or any injury going down the throat. And unlike conventional wormers, one of the things that you can see and don't panic about it is you can see live worms passed after giving WRM Clear. And that's because it works by modulating the immune system to repel the worms and they're passed live, unlike conventional wormers, which use chemicals to kill the worms, and these chemicals still have to be processed by cats. And we all know that cats have a different problem with chemicals to all other species. So there are products in WRM Clear to try help them cope with chemicals as well as just getting rid of the worms. Because occasionally you will find you have a cat who's immunocompromised for some reason, and it won't respond directly to the WRM Clear. You should, in fact, use it in those cases alongside conventional wormer. But in most cases, it will do the job on its own. Now, the other thing that's very important with Feline WRM Clear is to read the dosing on the pack very carefully. Follow that dosing and do complete a full course. Because very often at the start you'll see these worm passed, and then they'll tail off as time goes on. But at the end of the day, if they are still present, contact your veterinarian to get some conventional wormer and do use it alongside it to prevent any toxic side effects.