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Video: PlexiDor Door Mount Pet Door

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PlexiDor Door Mount Pet Door

Length: 2:27 Added: Nov-14 Views: 1894

PlexiDor Door Mount Pet Door : watch this video featuring products available on

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PlexiDor Door Mount Pet Door : watch this video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. My name is Suzanne. And this is part of our video series about my new PlexiDor Dog Door. This time, it's about keeping it clean. My husband and I have a very busy household with three kids and a great dog, a boxer named Cinnamon. About six months ago we got a PlexiDor Dog Door, and we love it, because it is so much cleaner, quieter, better looking, and energy efficient compared to our old one that was impossible to clean and had torn plastic flaps. Our new PlexiDor has acrylic, saloon-style panels that have this great weather seal to keep the air conditioning and heat in and the dirt out. Cinnamon uses this thing constantly, all day long. And we live in Palm Desert, California, where it is very windy and dusty, so the dog door can get grimy at times. When that happens, we just use a soft cloth with warm water and a little mild detergent. I don't use glass cleaner or anything with ammonia in it, because it can cause the acrylic to get cloudy. I don't use abrasive cleaners, because they're too harsh, and they're unnecessary. And you definitely want to avoid Clorox or chlorine bleach. If you get a stubborn mark on the aluminum frame, you can rub it off with mineral spirits on a soft cloth. This dog door is clean and fresh in a jiffy. On my old dog door, the frame was made of plastic, and dirt got embedded in there and would not come out no matter what I did. Plus, the plastic flaps got torn and scratched and cloudy and couldn't be cleaned, either. On the PlexiDor Dog Door, the panels are practically indestructible, so I'll never need to replace them. Even the weather seal is easy to take care of. You just brush any dust right off. The weather seal lasts a long, long time. It only needs to be replaced every five to eight years. And they sell an inexpensive replacement kit for that. PlexiDor also has replacement parts for the spring, the key, the lock, the door panel, and the security plate. Plus, the whole thing comes with a 10-year warranty. Our new PlexiDor is extremely easy to care for. You just wipe it down every once in a while with a soft cloth, and you, your dog, and your family can go about enjoying life. If you want to learn more about this PlexiDor Dog Door, just go to That's spelled P-L-E-X-I-D-O-R-S dot com. Thanks for watching. [MUSIC PLAYING]