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Video: How to Set Up a Folding Crate

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How to Set Up a Folding Crate

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Video featuring products available on

The You & Me 2-Door Folding Crate offers a secure and convenient den-like space for your puppy. Putting it together is also really easy and won't require any tools. This means your pup can enjoy their new digs within minutes. [MUSIC PLAYING] First, lay the crate on the floor and unhook the locking device. Grab the top of the crate and swing open. Then pull the top inside of the crate up. Next, check to make sure the side panels fit correctly and pull the door panel forward and hook it into place. Secure the door panel to the top panel, and then do the same thing with the end panel. Now it's all set up. Let's take a look at some of the unique features on this crate. The slide bolt latches and LapLock door technology allow you to easily open and securely close the doors. And the removable leakproof pan makes cleaning up super simple. The removable doors allow you to create an open environment once crate training is completed. Plus, there's also an adjustable divider so you can train your puppy in a smaller space. As they grow, just remove it to give them more room. You can also purchase additional items for their crate, like pads and covers, to create a cozier space once you master crate training together. As an added bonus, it comes with a handy crate training guide full of tips and tricks to make crate training a breeze. And that's it. Now your crate is all set up and ready for your dog. [MUSIC PLAYING]