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Video: North States Pet Gate

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North States Pet Gate

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Pressure gate immediately and effortlessly creates a barrier for your pet. Deluxe 26' high gate adjusts easily to doorways 26' to 42' wide.


Pressure gate immediately and effortlessly creates a barrier for your pet. Deluxe 26' high gate adjusts easily to doorways 26' to 42' wide.

This installation video is a supplement to our north states pet gate instructions. Your pet gate is perfect for breeds of all sizes. It's extremely versatile and can be mounted in a variety of ways. First, remove the installation hardware by laying the gate on the floor, extending it slightly, and sliding the package out while pressing on the opposite side. Using conventional pressure mounting allows you to move the gate from opening to opening. With the handle in the unlocked position, expand the gate so all four side bumpers are in contact with the sides of the opening. Rotate the locking handle into the slot, ensuring enough tension to secure the gate. The handle tab should click into place. To release, press down, pull out, and rotate up. You can also use the pressure mount with door sockets for additional stability. Prepare the surfaces where the tape pads will be adhered as described in the instructions. Make sure all door sockets are installed with the u-shaped opening facing up, and at equal distances from the edge of the opening. If desired, screws can be inserted for additional security. Operation is similar to conventional pressure mounting, with the exception that you're extending the gate into the door sockets. The pet gate should be hardware mounted for additional safety at the top of stairs or where attachment to wood or metal surfaces is possible. Identify which side you want the gate to hinge. It will swing in the direction of the hole selected. Ensure the gate swings over the landing, never over the stairs. Slide the lower gate hinge into the hinge side as shown, screwing it into the gate. Following the provided installation diagram, screw the two casement hinges into the hinge side of the opening. Now, place the bottom gate hinge onto the lower casement hinge, selecting the appropriate mounting hole to accommodate the desired swing direction. Then slide the top gate hinge into position with the casing hinge, screwing it into the gate. On the opposite side of the opening, follow the instructions for pressure mounted door sockets. Be sure to read the instructions thoroughly, including precautions for mounting near stairways and large openings up to 42 inches. If children are present, always position the gate in the opening, with the locking handle facing away from the child. Follow recommended installation options. North states, quality products for the way you live. Pet gates and pet yards designed to the highest standards of safety, durability, and ease of use.