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Video: PlexiDor Door Pet Door

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PlexiDor Door Pet Door

Length: 2:05 Added: Nov-14 Views: 1870

PlexiDor Door Pet Door : watch this video featuring products available on

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PlexiDor Door Pet Door : watch this video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi. My name is Suzanne. And I'm here to tell you why I really want a new dog door. I'm a typical mom, married, with three kids, and we have a great dog. She's a boxer named Cinnamon who is five years old. She's a very important member of our family. She puts up with a lot. And she sleeps with a different kid every night. So we really want the best for her. Although you probably wouldn't know it from this nasty old dog door we've got here. It is ugly. It's cheap. It's filthy. I just cannot clean it. It is made of some nasty plastic. The grime is just embedded in the frame. We got it for $130, I think, at one of those big box chain hardware stores, and had a handyman carve out a hole in the wall to install it next to our sliding glass door. My dog loves to race out into the backyard of the house and around the side, and bark at other dogs from behind the safety of our gate. It makes a pretty loud noise when she goes through, which can be a problem if anyone is trying to take a nap or watch a movie. You can see that the flap is torn. And I don't even know how to get another one. Plus, I wouldn't know how to take this thing apart to replace a flap. And that torn flap is a problem, because we live in Palm Desert, California, where it gets unbelievably hot in the summer. We're talking 115, 120 degrees sometimes. It's like living in a blast furnace. So we need a dog door that can keep the heat out. If you put your hand in front of the door on the outside, you can actually feel the cool air out here, and conversely, the warm air on the inside of the house. Now, we already pay pretty high electricity bills. So we do not need cool air escaping into the yard. So overall, this old dog door is ugly, dirty, and loud. And our Cinnamon deserves better. So we are going to order a new dog door, one that's more durable, clean, quieter, and much better-looking. You'll have to wait for the next video to see what we chose. [MUSIC PLAYING]