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Video: Halo Whole Meat Difference

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Halo Whole Meat Difference

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Video featuring products available on

Once upon a time and for a very long time, dog and cat diets were simple. They ate whole foods, including whole meat straight from the source. Now most pet foods no longer use only whole meats. They use meat meals. Meat meals are rendered high-heat processed and dehydrated proteins. They're a combination of remnant proteins from slaughterhouses and fish processing factories. Pet food companies use these powdered meals because they're less expensive than whole meat. The problem is they alter the goodness of whole proteins and leave lots of ash in your pet's food. Why is whole meat better for your pets? Dogs and cats have short digestive tracts. So highly digestible nutrition, where nutrition is absorbed along this short path, is important for good health. For 30 years, Halo has used the whole meat and said no to meat meals of any kind. And new research shows that, well, mother nature has been right all along. Halo has the highest digestibility of the leading natural brands because Halo uses only whole meat, no meat meals of any kind. The proof is in the poop. The [CLEARS THROAT] end result tells the tale. More digestible food results in less poop. That means halo is more bioavailable to the pet, so pet parents get more of the whole natural nutrition that they're looking for and paying for. Halo, giving your pet only whole meats, as mother nature intended.