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Video: How to Care for Your New Guinea Pig

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How to Care for Your New Guinea Pig

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Do you have a new pet Guinea Pig? Bringing home a new Guinea Pig requires some preparation.


Do you have a new pet Guinea Pig? Bringing home a new Guinea Pig requires some preparation.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Bringing home a new pet guinea pig requires some advanced preparation, like setting up a spacious habitat, pet proofing your home, and getting all the supplies you'll need. Set up a cozy habitat that has plenty of room for her to exercise and is also escape proof and made of chew resistant materials. It's best to choose a habitat that has a solid floor made of plastic. After you bring home your guinea pig, give her quiet time and a chance to adjust. Wait a day or two before petting her or picking her up. Always talk in a friendly voice and handle your pet gently. Offer her treats from your hand to help her learn to trust you. Your pet's comfort, health, and longevity require a roomy habitat with accessories. Choose high quality bedding, a hay rack with fresh hay, a hideaway for rest and security, food dish and water bottle, fun chews, such as edible [INAUDIBLE] sticks and a variety of toys that will keep her occupied. Use a ceramic food dish that won't tip over and a water bottle that mounts to the habitat. Feed your guinea pig the food she's used to when you first bring her home. You can transition to new food slowly over a period of 7 to 10 days. Provide pellets that are fortified with vitamin C, along with treats, chews, and fresh fruits and vegetables that are approved for guinea pigs. Your guinea pig needs some out-of habitat playtime too. Keep her safely contained in a small animal playpen where she can explore and exercise. Schedule an initial checkup with a veterinarian that specializes in small animals. Ask about signs of illness and how to properly trim her nails. To learn more about bringing your new guinea pig home, ask a small animal specialist for more helpful tips. [MUSIC PLAYING] At.