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Video: Canyon Creek Ranch for Cats

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Canyon Creek Ranch for Cats

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Canyon Creek Ranch for Cats -


Canyon Creek Ranch for Cats -

[MUSIC PLAYING] We got Chase when we were dating. And my wife's family has a farm, so he was born on the farm. And she picked him out. She picked Chase out. She thought he was the most animated-- kind of showing off for her, and so he kind of won over my wife, and the rest is history. I'm Todd, and this is my cat Chase. He's just so active and so funny, and he knows that he's a member of our family. I think with ingredients in cat food, you really do have to take a similar perspective to how you buy food. And you wouldn't want to walk into a store and see meat that appeared to be, maybe, not that good, or grains or produce that didn't appear to be fresh. So I think giving the best care to your cat, again, it kind of goes back to that kind of satisfaction inside that we gave-- not only you know, love, and TLC-- but we also gave them the best food possible, the best care possible. You know, hopefully he lives a long life, and at the end of his life we know we did the very best for him. [MUSIC PLAYING]