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Video: Unleashed by Petco presents Wet Noses

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Unleashed by Petco presents Wet Noses

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Our company is founded on one very basic philosophy, and that is if you wouldn't eat it, don't give it to your pet. We started out with just the two of us. And the third employee was Aidan. At 11 days old, he clocked in. At that time, there was nothing on the market that I could count on that would be safe, and human grade, and 100% natural. When I was approaching people with the idea, more often than not, I would just be laughed at. Or someone would say, organic, natural for dogs? That's ridiculous. What are you talking about? And then out of 10 people, maybe one person would say, oh my god, you've changed my dog's life, because I now have a treat that I can count on that doesn't have any chemicals or byproducts in it. Thank you so much. And I would think to myself, this is a service. We're helping. And that one person would keep me going. Today we have many more customers than we did when we started. We're selling treats across the nation, across the globe. Just like Unleashed, our focus is quality-- quality, quality, and quality. That is the way that we align beyond relationship. Our focus is that customer that has four legs. So a local giveback is important to us. And one thing we know is that all of our treats are going to turn into poop at some point as they move through the dogs digestive system. And we feel responsible for that in some ways. So we donate dog waste bags to be used within the park and recreational facilities here in Monroe. The interaction that happens between the human and the pet is huge. And I don't think we're really just selling treats, but we're selling moments. And when that feeling can be had with a natural product that's organic and that's local, it's a win for everybody.