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Video: North States Easy-Close Pet Gate

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North States Easy-Close Pet Gate

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Our North States Easy-Close Pet Gate in White shuts firmly yet easily with one simple push, keeping your pet safe and secure.


Our North States Easy-Close Pet Gate in White shuts firmly yet easily with one simple push, keeping your pet safe and secure.

This installation video is a supplement to our north states easy close pet gate instructions. Some of the unique features of the easy close pet gate are its ability to be used in an opening that has finishing trim. It can fit bigger openings with the provided extensions. It can be installed with the pressure mount or cups for additional stability. By opening it fully, the gate will hold open for easy passage. It can be positioned to swing closed automatically when required. It's the perfect solution for breeds of all sizes. And there is extra security when enabling the dual locking feature if a child is present. As you remove the contents, you'll notice that the upper part of the pet gate is pretensioned to compress into the opening where it will be used. To install, measure the space where you intend to install the gate. If an extension is needed, insert the long end of the extension pin into the gate frame with the short end of the pin into the extension. If additional width is needed, a second extension can be added on the opposite side. Then insert the tension knobs on each corner. Next, center the gate by extending the tension knobs to create enough pressure to mount the gate into the opening. Starting at the bottom, turn the tension knobs to extend the pads. If you can, do both at the same time to make equal adjustments. Or alternate a turn left, then right, repeating this until the frame is firmly set. Once that's complete, align the release button and the upper latch set at the top of the gate. Then extend the top pads just as you did on the bottom. For additional stability, you can install the mounting cups provided by noting the location of the tension pads and either attaching them to the surface with the two-sided tape or by screwing them into position. When you're done, the gate should be centered in your opening with similar distances on each side. And there should be sufficient pressure on the pads to firmly hold it in place. To operate the gate, push the release button and lift the gate panel to swing it open. The gate release should open and close easily, clicking firmly into place, but not be so tight that it doesn't latch automatically. Simply readjust the tension pads for proper fit. If you'd like to temporarily remove the gate from the opening, simply loosen the tension pads. North states, quality products for the way you live. Pet gates and pet yards designed to the highest standards of safety, durability, and ease of use.