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Video: The Bil-Jac Nutri-Lock Slow-Cook Process

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The Bil-Jac Nutri-Lock Slow-Cook Process

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The Bil-Jac Nutri-Lock Slow-Cook Process -


The Bil-Jac Nutri-Lock Slow-Cook Process -

Let's look at why the BilJac Nutri-Lock Slow-Cook process is a key BilJac difference. We cook BilJac dog food in small batches. We control the temperatures to help protect the key nutrients, including amino acids. Most commercial dog foods available today are extruded. Extruded dog foods are made by subjecting the ingredients to a high temperature and high pressure process. It is well-documented that high heat and high pressure processes like rendering an extrusion can damage certain amino acids. When this damage occurs, the bioavailability of the amino acids decreases. This means that the dog can no longer use the amino acids that are damaged. Dogs need to eat these amino acids every day in order to support key body functions, such as forming blood cells, making antibodies to help the immune system, and synthesizing protein. Our special Nutri-Lock slow cooking process allows us to put in more fresh chicken. And chicken, along with chicken organ meats, are great sources of essential amino acids. The combination of an abundance of chicken plus slow cooking and careful dehydration helps preserve the availability of the amino acids.