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Spectra Shield

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The Spectra Shield Collar Attached Medallion offers 4 months of flea and tick control for dogs 6 months and older


The Spectra Shield Collar Attached Medallion offers 4 months of flea and tick control for dogs 6 months and older

Introducing the new Spectra Shield flea and tick controlling medallion. Spectra Shield is a no-mess, no-stress, easy-to-use clip-and-go method to control problem pests on your dog for up to four months, and comes in three sizes to fit all types of dogs. Even a single flea can bite your pet up to 300 times per day. Besides irritation, itching, and hair loss, fleas and ticks can cause and carry many other negatives, from anemia to internal parasites and a number of diseases. This is, of course, a problem for your dog, but also for you, if your pets spend any time inside your home. Spectra Shield protects your dog and your family, and was designed from the ground up to be easy to apply. The patent-pending [? cross ?] clip makes application a snap, and the specially engineered water drop shape is custom-designed to maximize release and distribution of its active ingredient, and to be problem and snag-free for your dog. To apply, simply click it onto your dog's collar. Spectra Shield is designed to swing freely, which activates the medallion. The more your dog moves, the more their Spectra Shield is enabled, and their protection begins. The Spectra Shield medallion is extremely safe, not only for your dog, but also for you and your family. Spectra Shield is formulated and constructed with the highest quality materials and ingredients to provide four months of protection for your dog and you. Once applied, Spectra Shield's active ingredient goes right to work. In fact, your dog's own motion helps it distribute even faster. Each Spectra Shield medallion is impregnated with a powerful synergized pyrethroid. Once applied, the active ingredient spreads over the entire surface of the dog's skin, which is why Spectra Shield can be so effective. Every inch of your dog's body is enveloped in an insect-repellent force field, which lasts a third of a year. Apply it in the spring, and your dog and your family can be protected all summer long. Years of research have created a highly sophisticated system for how to carefully time-release the insect-fighting active ingredients. Spectra Shield goes to work immediately and stays on the job, slowly releasing its reserves over its entire useful life. So not only is Spectra Shield easy to apply, it is also easy on your wallet, providing an extremely cost-effective method of protection for your dog and your family. Spectra Shield-- no-stress insect protection in a snap.