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Video: Unleashed by Petco presents Licks

Unleashed by Petco presents Licks - Video Gallery
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Unleashed by Petco presents Licks

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Unleashed by Petco presents Licks


Unleashed by Petco presents Licks

[MUSIC PLAYING] So I was born and raised in Chicago, just outside in the suburbs, Oak Park and River Forest. I've spent a lot of time in the finance world, which was great because I was good at it, but I would get a bit of an empty feeling when there was nothing tangible that came out of it. And I asked the company right after a promotion if I could take a year off to go traveling. Throughout this process, when I was doing this kind of soul searching, I got a dog. It totally changed my life, fell absolutely in love with her. It was the first time there was anything in my life where I was directly responsible for their well-being. In the beginning, when I was first away from home with [? Dora ?] and she would kind of experience increased stress, I would go to the pet store and see what there was, and all I could find were chews and pills, neither of which she was willing to take at all. So when I started developing Licks, the first thing I was focused on was palatability. I just started right in my own kitchen, mixing together ingredients. We tediously tested flavorings, both I would taste them, [? Dora would ?] taste them, adding things like ashwagandha root, and figuring out how to mix the flavoring with the active ingredient so that they would be most effective. [MUSIC PLAYING] Education is so important to helping people get their dogs healthier and live healthier lives with their animals. Outside of product education and careful product selection, we also share a culture with Unleashed wanting to be involved with charitable causes. We've been working with the local adoption center in Chicago to provide them with a Zen packet for every adopted dog's first night at home. At the end of the day, what drives us is how many dogs can we make healthy today, how many dog owners can we educate to give their animals more nutritious products. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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