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Video: Canyon Creek Ranch for Dogs

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Canyon Creek Ranch for Dogs

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Canyon Creek Ranch for Dogs -


Canyon Creek Ranch for Dogs -

My dogs are my family. [MUSIC PLAYING] So when I shop for myself in the grocery store and my family, we shop the perimeter of the grocery store. We do a lot of fruits, vegetables, proteins, dairy. And we know that that's the healthiest for ourselves and that makes us feel good. These are my dogs, Charlie and Maverick. They're both Shetland Sheepdogs. When I'm shopping for my dogs, I look for products that have a protein and a rice. Protein is very important as the number one ingredient to me because if you've ever watched my dogs, they're very active. They love to play. They have tons of energy. And I know to maintain that energy and their happiness, they are going to need protein in their diet. I also know that protein is what helps build muscle. And I know for myself, I want protein in my diet to maintain my energy and activity level, and they need the same. I look for in my dog's food, quality, natural clean ingredients. I look for a formula that is specific to my dog and what their needs are. And I will make sure to give them a dog food that keeps them healthy, happy, and something they enjoy.