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Keeping your dog healthy from head to toe is really important. Toenails are one of those things we want to make sure are kept short.
Length: 1:59

Part of a good grooming routine for your dog is cleaning his ears. Keeping them clean prevents bacteria, parasites, and painful ear infections.
Length: 1:37

Just like proper grooming is important to our health, the same can be said for our pets. Proper grooming for your dog includes brushing, cleaning his eyes and ears, nail trimming, and teeth cleaning.
Length: 1:47

Getting your pet onto a natural diet can help them lose weight, gain energy, and maintain a happy mood. Let Petco help you on your pet's health journey.
Length: 2:03

Bringing a new pet home for the first time is exciting! Petco gives you some tips about how you can puppy proof your home for your new pet.
Length: 1:53