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Adjusting to life with your new fish can be tricky, but don't worry, Petco's got you covered with these new pet tips!...
Length: 1:09

Having a colorful freshwater aquarium is a fun and affordable hobby that can add beauty to your home.
Length: 2:50

Are you thinking of getting a saltwater marine aquarium? Watch this video to learn helpful tips for how to setup and take care of your aquarium. ...
Length: 3:37

The Zoo Med AquaSun LED Aquarium Hood has dual switches for independent control of white and blue LEDs.
Length: 3:01

Aqueon QuietFlow Aquarium Power Filters...
Length: 4:34

Fluval Accent Aquarium and Cabinet Combo...
Length: 1:58

This Back to the Roots AquaFarm 3 Gallon Fish Tank is self-cleaning and grows food.
Length: 2:03

This Back to the Roots AquaFarm 3 Gallon Fish Tank is self-cleaning and grows food. Grow organic produce like basil, lettuce and wheatgrass right from the comfort of your own kitchen or classroom. ...
Length: 1:23

The Fish Trap is baited with some food and as soon as the desired fish has entered the trap, the closing mechanism is simply released – by hand.
Length: 1:05

The Current USA Satellite Freshwater Aquarium LED Plus Light allows you to shift the color of your aquatic environment without shifting your body with the industry's first freshwater-optimized, RGB+White, wireless remote controlled LED fixture.
Length: 2:19

The Current USA Satellite Freshwater Aquarium LED Light is dialed-in color... Super bright 6500K white LEDs and rich 445nm blue LEDs come together in an amazingly sleek fixture that�... See more
Length: 1:24

The exclusive in-frame mounting allows you to enjoy the beautiful, natural-looking light without the distraction of a lighting fixture.
Length: 1:11

Now there's a power filter which combines high-end performance and multiple filtration options.
Length: 2:45

Brighten up your nano aquarium with the Fluval Daylight Aqualife & Plant LED Nano Aquarium Lamp.
Length: 1:20

Transform your pet's habitat into a vibrant world of excitement. The Habitat Wraps uses the latest in vinyl and static cling technology to create this easy to apply terrarium background.
Length: 3:03

Sleek and silent as a jungle cat, the HOT Magnum is a compact canister filter of ferocious efficiency and sheer performance power. -
Length: 3:30

The Marineland Pro-Series 24-Hour Aquarium Lighting System makes for an excellent way to showcase your aquatic wonderland. -
Length: 1:05

Tetra Whisper Internal Power Filters is three Filters in One. The Whisper in-tank filter adjusts easily to high or low water levels with mounting suction cups and/or bracket.
Length: 1:21

See the different lighting options for your Aquarium set up from Marineland.
Length: 0:41

Aqueon Aquarium Water Changer vacuums gravel efficiently and eliminates spills and heavy lifting, making water changes easy! ...
Length: 4:43

The Aqueon Aquarium Gravel Cleaner was developed to make routine water changes and vacuuming gravel easy and efficient for any level aquarist. ...
Length: 3:01

Aqueon ProFlex Modular Sump Filtration Systems keep things flexible by offering three completely different setups.
Length: 2:07

How-to build a waterfall -
Length: 3:34

How-to Choose Plants for Your Pond...
Length: 1:31

Planning Your Pond -
Length: 3:45