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Video: See How Innova Is Made

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See How Innova Is Made

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See How Innova Is Made -


See How Innova Is Made -

For more than 20 years, Innova has improved the lives of pets through better nutrition. Innova is pet food made right, with high quality proteins, natural farm fresh ingredients, like apples and carrots and whole grains, never with fillers, meat by-products, artificial colors, or preservatives. Everything pets need and nothing they don't. All of Innova's dry dog and cat foods are produced in our company owned manufacturing facility in Fremont, Nebraska. Made under strict manufacturing guidelines, with multiple quality and safety accreditations, every batch must pass numerous quality control checks from the moment the ingredients are delivered until they are shipped to the shelf. We adhere to high pet nutrition standards. Board certified veterinary nutritionists and dedicated quality experts have developed each formula to ensure the right ingredients are used in the right amounts, so pets receive the nutrients they need. Innova ingredients are carefully selected from trusted sources and checked for quality multiple times before and after they enter the facility. Whole nutrient rich ingredients like apples, carrots, and potatoes are placed onto the conveyor belt before joining the high quality proteins and whole grains in the milling process. The food then goes into the facility's state of the art extruder, is cooked thoroughly, shaped into kibble form, and dried. This is an involved process. The controlled quality checks are continued every step of the way. At Innova, we don't believe in shortcuts. We strive to provide pets with the best pet food on the market, manufactured in the best way possible. It's no wonder so many people say Innova is pet food made right. Your pet deserves food to keep them healthy and active. Your pet deserves Innova. [MUSIC PLAYING]