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Video: Tagg Pet Tracker

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Tagg Pet Tracker

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Tagg Pet Tracker uses GPS technology to find your pet.


Tagg Pet Tracker uses GPS technology to find your pet.

My family bought me Tagg, the pet tracker system. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Oh, boy. Let's play "what's in the box?" The Tagg system has everything you need to stay in touch with your dog. First, you have the Tagg tracker. Small, lightweight, durable, just like me. [BARK] Here's the docking station. The power kit has a USB cable and an AC adapter, whatever those are. The collar clip and strap, so easy to attach to your existing collar, even a human can do it. You've also got the quickstart guide and your Tagg terms and conditions. Read them carefully. I'm watching. Finally, a service plan is included with your activated Tagg tracker. It's not in the box, but it's there 24/7, like gravity or the strange forces that make me do this. So there you have it. Your Tagg system unpacked and ready for action, and that's how you play "what's in the box?"