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Video: Spay and Neutering

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Spay and Neutering

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Some benefits from spaying and neutering your cat.


Some benefits from spaying and neutering your cat.

....Ah, can you believe what mom wants to do to me? Relax, its not a big deal. Besides, since I got it done I've had a much better relationship with mom. Come to think of it, you've always been her favorite. Well thats because I'm better behaved since I was neutered. Well thats true, you do have a better atitude, but did'nt it hurt? Not a bit, and I gotta tell ya I'm feeling a lot healthier too. What you were saying earlier sounds pretty good. Yeah, lets face it, we need to be pampered, and theres no way thats going to happen if we're chasing kittens around the house. Good point. It should be all about Vince and Toby. Hehehe..hahaha