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Video: How-to Introduce Dogs

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How-to Introduce Dogs

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Tips on how to safely introduce two dogs to each other.


Tips on how to safely introduce two dogs to each other.

[MUSIC PLAYING] In order to build strong relationships between your pets, you want to take your time introducing them, and make their interactions positive by rewarding each of them with treats and praise. Start by introducing your new dog to your resident dog in a neutral location away from your home, such as a park or a neighbor's yard. By doing this, your resident dog is less likely to view the newcomer as a threat to his territory. Put both dogs on leash and make sure that each dog is being handled by a separate person. Begin walking past each other, while keeping plenty of space between both dogs. You should avoid walking straight towards each other as the dogs may misinterpret this as an aggressive approach. Walk the dogs past each other a few times, each time moving in a little closer. Hopefully, the dogs will seem happily interested and curious about each other. If at any time you feel that one of the dogs is acting fearful or aggressive, increase the distance between you. Continue passing at a safe distance. You don't want to force the dogs to meet. Once you reach a point where the dogs can get close without visible signs of aggression or fear, let them begin to sniff each other. If the dogs don't seem interested in one another, that's OK. Never force them to interact. If the other dog is disinterested, shy, or frightened, forcing the introduction will only set you back. So let your dog set the pace for how quickly their friendship will develop. After a minute or so, get both of the dogs' attention and walk them away from each other. Give them each a treat for paying attention to you. After a few minutes apart, approach for a second meeting. Continue to reward them for good behavior. Once you reach a point where both dogs seem to be happy, you can remove their leash. When you bring them home, be sure to keep them separated in different rooms to give them more time to get used to seeing each other. Once both dogs seem to be behaving themselves, you can allow them to be in the same room while you supervise. [MUSIC PLAYING]