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Video: Adopting a Pet with Petco

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Adopting a Pet with Petco

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Petco and Petfinder team up to help millions of Americans adopt their dream pet.


Petco and Petfinder team up to help millions of Americans adopt their dream pet.

For people looking to add a pet to their family, there is growing awareness that adopting a pet is an incredibly rewarding option. There are millions of wonderful adoptable pets available every day in communities all across the country. And in an exciting partnership, combining the power of the internet with the presence of one of the nation's largest pet stores, Petco and are helping millions of Americans adopt the pets of their dreams. It all starts with a simple click of an online search or attending an adoption event at a local store. Every month, Petco hosts national adoption weekend events at thousands of stores across the country. Drop by and find dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and even ferrets. Or by doing a quick Petfinder search first, you may find that the pet you've been looking for is available practically right next door. Dogs may get most of the limelight, but pet cats actually outnumber dogs in the US. And other animals are quickly becoming adoption favorites for thousands of families. Your local store offers exceptional post-adoption services, like in-store dog training, grooming, pet insurance, and nutritional specialists. Petco's monthly national adoption weekend events-- your next best friend might be right around the corner.