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Video: Advantek Pet Gazebo

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Advantek Pet Gazebo

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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Oh, hi. I'm Jessica from Petco and this is my dog Houdini. I'm here today to talk about the Advantek Gazebo. To my left here, is The Original Pet Gazebo and to my right is the new fun select series. What makes them different than a regular kennel? Glad you asked. The Pet Gazebo comes in five different colors, so you can match your backyard decor or personal style. They're easy to set up at home or take with you for your pets on the go, via the Advantek carrying case. Plus you have the ability to connect multiple gazebos together with no extra parts. So you want to know how to assemble the new select pet gazebo series? Come on. Let's start. Step one, connecting the panels. The key to assembly are these very durable connectors. Place them between each panel joint, connecting all sides together. Once you've gotten your panels connected, you'll need to assemble the roof. For first time assembly, spin rods into the hub. However, for each future assembly just swing the rods out from the hub. The ends of the rods are then to be placed in the holes on top of each connector. Step two, the umbrella top. A cover of your choice is included with your pet gazebo. This is what locks the pet gazebo into its octagon shape. The market top design of the cover allows for increased airflow for your pet, helping to keep your pets cool in hot weather. Drape the top over the rods, secured at the peak, and use the bungee ball ties secured in place. The ball ties go in through one grommet and around the panel, out through the second grommet and loops over the ball to secure. The select series has some unique features. The door has a pin latch to keep your curious pet inside and an easy drop down window to change out food, and water, or just give some head scratching. But the best part is that as your pet family grows, so can your pet gazebo. Connect as many same sized Advantek Pet Gazebos together as desired with no extra parts. Simply rotate the panels and connectors allowing gazebos to connect to one another via corridor. This allows for numerous configurations. The arrangements and designs are nearly endless. Houdini and I hope that you enjoyed your pet gazebo tutorial. Now you're ready to take off on exciting adventures with your best pal, or simply lounge at home knowing your pet is safe and secure.