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Video: Aqueon Power Filters

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Aqueon Power Filters

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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] The QuietFlow Power Filter by Aqueon. In this video, you'll learn the five simple steps to setting up your QuietFlow filter and how the patented four stage filtration system more effectively cleans and cycles water to keep your aquarium crystal clear and healthy for your fish. First, let's take a look at all the parts of the filter. The QuietFlow Power Filter includes filter housing, filter pump and cord, filter extension lift tube, filter lid, filter cartridge, cartridge bio-holster Biogrid Now, let's set up the filter using five easy steps. Step one, attach the filter pump, clipping it on to the filter housing. Check the pump to make sure that it snaps in place. Route the attached filter cord by inserting it onto the side of the unit to hold the cord in place. Step two, attach the filter extension lift tube to the bottom of the pump. Step three, remove the filter cartridge from the bag and rinse under cold water to remove carbon dust. Next, install the filter cartridge by inserting it into the cartridge bio-holster Make sure that the cartridge front is facing the biological grid. Step four, place the filter on the aquarium. If you have the Aqueon QuietFlow model 55 and 75, make sure that the filter is level by using the filter leveler at the bottom of the housing. The leveler can be rotated to position the filter parallel with the back glass of the aquarium. Step five, fill the aquarium with water up to one inch from the tank's top edge. Keep in mind that the water level plays an important factor in the water flow distribution as well as the operation of the filter. The set up is complete. Now, let's start the filter. Plug in power cord into a household receptacle. For safety, make sure to add drip loop to the power cord to prevent any moisture from reaching the power outlet. The filter will begin to draw water from the tank and pump water through the filter. Aqueon QuietFlow Power Filters feature a patented four stage advanced filtration system that includes mechanical, chemical, biological, and wet/dry. Stage one, mechanical. The filter cartridge's dense floss will trap dirt, debris, and particulates from the water. Stage two, chemical. The water is forced through the cartridge's activated carbon to remove toxins, odors, and discoloration. Stage three, biological. The water will then pass into the bio-holster, removing toxic ammonia and nitrates from the water through beneficial biological bacteria. Stage four, wet/dry. Then the water flows into the diffuser grid, which removes additional toxins while adding oxygen for a cleaner aquarium and more active fish. The diffuser also reduces splashing and makes the return exceptionally quiet. Aqueon Power Filters are designed with higher flow rates to ensure crystal clear water, healthier fish, and extra dissolved oxygen, allowing fish to be more active. Its QuietFlow internal pump helps dampen noise, eliminates leaks, and starts up automatically without requiring priming. For more product information, visit our website site at