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Video: Zoo Med AquaSun LED Aquarium Hood

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Zoo Med AquaSun LED Aquarium Hood

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The Zoo Med AquaSun LED Aquarium Hood has dual switches for independent control of white and blue LEDs.


The Zoo Med AquaSun LED Aquarium Hood has dual switches for independent control of white and blue LEDs.

Hey, fish fans. It's Ashley from Zoo Med. Today I'm going to introduce you to Zoo Med's Aqua Sun LED High Output Aquarium Light. This light fixture comes in a variety of sizes to accommodate several types of aquariums. Its unique modular design allows for replacing and reconfiguring Aqua Sun LED units. Aqua Zen LEDs include the standard light module with four one-watt 6500K white LEDs, and two half-watt 465 nanometer blue LEDs. The number of modules in each Aqua Zen LED vary depending on the size of the fixture. Setting up the light is easy. Simply slide the mounting rails to the appropriate length for your tank, and rest the fixture on the top. You can also use the included suspension kit to hang the fixture above your aquarium. Once your fixture is mounted, attach the power adapter and plug it into an accessible GFCI protected power source. The Aqua Zen LED can be turned on with the two switches on the side of the fixture. One switch controls the one-watt LEDs, while the other controls the half-watt LEDs. Modules can be replaced or changed in the Aqua Zen LED High Output in order to get the desired effect you want for your aquarium. To do this, first unplug the fixture, and carefully remove one plastic end cover by extending the mounting rails and unfastening the four screws using a Phillips screwdriver. Gently pull the end cover away, being careful not to strain the wires inside. Next, remove the clear plastic splash guard by sliding it out of the groove. Carefully detach the optical lenses from the LEDs of the module you're removing. These will be used for the new module. Take note of the two different kinds of optical lenses. Disconnect the orange wire connectors from both ends of the LCD module, and remove the screws holding it in place. After that, the module can easily be removed from the fixture housing. Place the new LED module in the same location and orientation as the original module with the text facing the same way as before. Begin screwing the new module into place and attach the lenses to the new LEDs. Reattach the orange wire connectors. Slide the plastic splash guard back into the groove slot, and screw the plastic end cap back on. Your Aqua Sun LED High Output Aquarium Light is now operational. Aqua Sun LED High Output modules are available in the standard light module, which features blue LEDs that are perfect for reef tanks or nighttime moonlighting, the daylight module with extra white LEDs for increased daytime brightness, and the plant module with red LEDs to maximize aquatic plant growth. That's all for now. See you next time.