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Video: How to Socialize a New Puppy

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How to Socialize a New Puppy

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Socializing your puppy with other pets early can help greatly with their social development.


Socializing your puppy with other pets early can help greatly with their social development.

The most critical time for puppies to be exposed to social situations is during the first three to four months of their lives. During this time, puppies should be introduced to as many new people and safe environments as possible. Doing this will decrease the risk of your puppy developing behavior problems later in life, including fear, avoidance, and even aggression. Now, a great way to get started socializing your puppy is to enroll in puppy classes. Puppy classes will provide your dog with important life lessons and training, plus exposure to other puppies and people. Your dog will learn how to interact with other people and dogs in a safe environment that promotes fun and learning. Also, ask your friends if you can bring your puppy over to their house from time to time. Having your puppy meet all kinds of people in different environments will be great for his social development. Try to include as much variety as possible, such as men, children, seniors, teenagers, as well as people with hats, sunglasses, coats, those on bikes, Rollerblades, and more. Most everyone loves to pet and play with puppies. So use this to your advantage. You can even ask friends to hand feed your dog some of his daily meal. However, if your puppy is fearful, don't force him. Instead, give him some space, but continue to offer him treats just for hanging out. Remember, even after three months of age, continue introducing your dog to as many new people, places, and learning experiences as you can to help you achieve a social pup you'll be proud of.