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ActivPhy: watch this video featuring products available on


ActivPhy: watch this video featuring products available on

Just like us, our dogs are living longer. Do you find your dog slowing down, walks getting shorter, getting up and down the stairs a bit harder? That's why we developed ActivPhy patented joint support to help your dog's mobility. ActivPhy helped Daisy's joints immensly. Daisy wasn't going up and down stairs. She wasn't jumping on the bed. But after about two weeks of having ActivPhy, she was jumping on the bed, playing with the puppy, going up and down the stairs by herself, not whining and crying. It was great. ActivPhy's Combination of ingredients work together to target specific areas of a dog's body that support mobility. Our blue green algae extract provides antioxidants and anti-inflammatory support for your dog's body. ActivPhy is made in the USA and is so safe and effective it is patented. Call now so ActivPhy can help your dog too. ActivPhy really has become my joint support product of choice due to the unique blend of ingredients that really help the joints, muscles, ligaments, and really whole body health. Tessa's a canine athlete. And in fact, she was a two-time world champion. She's also a cancer survivor. So we are very careful about what we give her. I've noticed a big difference with Tessa. She's been on it for several months now, and she's acting like a puppy, like I haven't seen her in a long time. She stays healthy and in good shape. And ActivPhy has done wonders for her. One delicious ActivPhy soft chew per day is all your dog needs. She'll see it go in her food bowl, and she'll gobble it right up before she eats the rest of her kibble. Bash loves the taste of ActivPhy. I want him to be strong and healthy, and ActivPhy is going to do that. Before ActivPhy, he used to sleep a lot. Now he has more energy. He runs, and he plays with my two-year-old daughter. And I don't think he acts like an 11-year-old dog. He acts like a three-year-old dog. It makes the whole family happy. We have our old Daisy back. If your dog doesn't love the taste, or if you don't see a difference in the first 30 days, send it back for a full refund.