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Video: Better Halloween Together

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Better Halloween Together

Length: 1:59 Added: Oct-17 Views: 699

Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Hey, guys. We're really excited, because we're-- --partnering with Petco. Want to go shopping for some Halloween costumes? That's so great. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let's go get you guys some Halloween costumes. [MUSIC PLAYING] You're such a funky dog. Look at you. Shark for Halloween. You have a deal. Dolly, let's get our Halloween costumes on and try to go get some treats, huh, bud? A hotdog! [MUSIC PLAYING] Check out Baxter the Mullet Mutt. [MUSIC PLAYING] Let's go. [MUSIC PLAYING] OK, what if we do this? Is that better? How about that? Is that better? Check out those muscles! She's a pumpkin! Look at your little ears! Sampson, you are one hot dog. Well, King, you are one super dog. [MUSIC PLAYING] Up! Let's go get some candy! [MUSIC PLAYING] Yes, you're a tree! Look at you, you little shark! Big, huge thank you again to Petco for sponsoring today's video and providing costumes. Make sure you check out Petco for all your pet's Halloween costume needs. Happy Halloween! Super Pups! Woo! [MUSIC PLAYING] High five!