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Goodbye Odor by Marshall Pets - Virtually eliminate ferret litter box and body odors withGoodbye Odor. 100% natural supplement deodorizes ferret's stool, urine, and body odors. Just add to your pet's

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Ferrets are incredibly playful loving animals, they remind me of me, their long and lean and their always optimistic. Unfortunately they can also be incredibly stinky pets. Hi im Marc Morrone the petkeeper with news about a safe natural product that can change both of your lives for the better. Say hello to Goodbye Odour. Just add a few great tasting pumps to your pets food or water everyday. Goodbye Odour works naturally with your ferrets digestion system, stopping body odours and litter box smells before they start. So your home smells fresh and clean, thats because its made with a natural plant extract known to herbalists and nutritionists for centuries, its also an excellent source of anti-oxidants and you'll be glad to know that Goodbye Odour is veterinarian recommended and approved. Goodbye Odour for ferrets used to be known as Bi Odour, a brand thats been used safely for nearly a decade by thousands of ferret parents like you and I. Plus its brought to you by Marshall pet products, a name you've trusted for over seventy years, so you can feel confident that its safe and natural for your pet. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Say hello to a cleaner fresher smelling home, say hello to Goodbye Odour.
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