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Video: Tank House

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Tank House

Length: 1:12 Added: Feb-22 Views: 50990

Tank House R&J Enterprises


Tank House R&J Enterprises

Billy left for school like he does every day. He said goodbye to his hamster, Fluffy. Fluffy looked so sad. Billy felt bad, but had to leave for school. It was Fluffy's tank. It looked boring and was so bright. Good thing Billy's mom had a solution, the Tank House! The barn-style Tank House gave Fluffy a grin from ear to ear. Fluffy was running around and so excited. Meanwhile, Billy arrives home from school. He runs to see Fluffy, and Billy can't believe his eyes. Fluffy has a new house. Billy is so happy Fluffy is finally smiling again. The Tank House comes in many different styles. Don't be a boring small pet owner. Treat your small pet to a brand new house, a Tank House! This waterproof, recession proof, and ugly proof house gives your small pet a much needed pep in their step. Perfect for fish, turtles, mice, hamsters, frogs, lizards, and your occasional snake, Tank House, where happy pets live.