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Video: Canidae Grain Free Pure

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Canidae Grain Free Pure

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] If a dog or cat has food sensitivities, choosing a limited ingredient diet like Canidae Grain Free Pure can mean fewer reactions. And even without sensitivities, pets will love Canidae Grain Free Pure for the great taste and nutrition in every bag. Canidae Grain Free Pure offers limited ingredient formulas featuring fresh meat or fish first complemented by whole foods like peas, chickpeas, lentils, and sweet potatoes. Each simple recipe is made with seven to 10 key ingredients. Our petite Small Breed formula for sensitive small dogs is made from five key ingredients. We also have a variety of grain free cans, cups, and treats for those canine and feline companions. Canidae knows that pet parents are looking for the best nutrition when it comes to feeding their pets. That's why we developed our limited ingredient Canidae Grain Free Pure formulas, and why we're proud to share them with our customers and their pets today. Fresh meat or fish first, whole foods, simple, limited-ingredient recipes. Canidae Grain Free Pure offers a premium solution for people who want the best for their pets. Independent and family owned since 1996. Canidae is pet food made by pet people.