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As pet parents, the thought of our dogs or cats getting cancer is devastating. Blue Buffalo and Petco share a commitment in finding a cure for this terrible disease. That's why we've partnered together for Pet Cancer Awareness in the month of May. When you contribute to our Pet Cancer Awareness Fundraiser, you're supporting studies like the Morris Animal Foundation, Golden Retriever Lifetime Study and the osteosarcoma program. These studies are dedicated to learning how we can help find a cure and maybe some day prevent pet cancer; as well as, other life threatening diseases. What's more your donation support organizations like Riedel and Cody and The Mosby Foundation. Their mission is to help pet parents pay for the high cost of cancer treatment. Thank you for your support during Pet Cancer Awareness month. Together, we will find a cure for pet cancer. I'm Bill Bishop, founder and chairman of the Blue Buffalo Company. When my two sons and I started the company back in 2002, our family dog, Blue, was going through his second bout with cancer. And while Blue was tolerating his chemo treatments really well, the entire Bishop family was really devastated. But sense cancer was attacking Blue, we decided to fight back by establishing the Blue Buffalo Foundation for cancer research; and designating May as pet cancer awareness month. At first, we were the only ones to contribute to the foundation; but, then our friends at Petco said they'd like to join forces with us. And with their help, the Blue Buffalo and Petco Foundations have become the number one contributors to pet cancer research. And together we've fund dozens of studies at leading universities and clinics all across the country. And while Blue has now become the number one brand of food in the pet specialty business. The things we're most proud of are the contributions that we're making to help find a cure for pet cancer. This is something that's going to help dogs and cats long after were gone; and I think, a very fitting way for us to honor our boy, Blue.
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